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Authority: Administration and Finance
Responsible Office Business & Auxiliary Services
History: Effective Date: July 1, 1986; Revised: April 19, 2016
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Contact: Mail Center Manager, 919-530-5261

1.  Purpose

The purpose of this rule is to establish guidelines for the use of university mail services.

2.  Scope

This rule applies to all University employees and students.

3. NCCU Mail Center

3.1  The NCCU Mail Center is a contract location of the United States Postal Service and as such, is subject to the federal laws and regulations that govern that entity.

3.1.1  The NCCU Mail Center collects, distributes, and processes the University intra-campus mail and incoming/outgoing USPS mail to/from departments and programs.

4.  Department Mailboxes

4.1   Department mailboxes are provided by the Mail Center. The Mail Center designates the locations of these boxes in each building to provide efficient and safe mail operations.

4.1.1   Each department is responsible for receiving and distributing incoming mail from department mailboxes.

4.1.2  Departments are responsible for exercising due diligence in correcting/updating mailing addresses. Departments shall notifying sender of incorrectly addressed mail received by faculty and staff within the department.

4.1.3 Items marked “confidential” should be routed unopened.

5. Outgoing Personal Mail

5.1 For the convenience of faculty and staff, unrestricted outgoing personal mail may be placed in department mailboxes or in NCCU drop boxes.

5.1.1 The sender is required to properly address and stamp their mail and comply with all USPS requirements.

5.1.2 Abuse of mail services and privileges can result in the suspension of mail privileges, deliveries and pick-ups.

6. Incoming Mail

6.1. NCCU Postal Services is authorized to open any mail that has an improper address or is incorrectly addressed to determine the appropriate distribution.

6.1.1 NCCU Postal Services is authorized to screen mail and use discretion in handling suspicious mail.

6.1.2 Postal Services may collaborate with USPS or NCCU Police.