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Technology Refresh Program

Frequently Asked Questions
Technology Refresh Program

ITS Technology Refresh Program

Given the enormity of the budget challenges the University is facing, carefully managing the procurement of technology is critical in order to ensure we’re maximizing our volume purchasing power, negotiating the deepest discounts possible, and reducing our ongoing support cost.  This is enabled by carefully selecting, reviewing, and managing preferred vendors for servers, printers, computers (desktops, laptops, tablets) and generic software, a process we call the ITS Technology Refresh Program.

Because such process was needed across the board, the UNC Combined Pricing Initiative (CPI) was established.

About the Combined Pricing Initiative (CPI)

The UNC Combined Pricing Initiative (CPI) combines the purchasing power of 17 UNC institutions to provide all with equal access to volume discounts on PC equipment purchases and related services. The CPI offers the same or better discounts for standard PC purchases. UNC-GA formed a task group to negotiate with vendors for the best prices for a range of standard desktop and laptop computer configurations intended to meet diverse computing needs while also reducing the total cost of ownership. EPEAT/Energy Star requirements are also included for energy conservation.  

Ordering Equipment

CPI purchases are to be made through the Eagles Purch system. Eagles Purch can be found inside of My EOL, in the My Navigation section under the Employees link. All items that are on Eagles Purch fall under the UNC Combined Pricing Initiative (CPI). 

Participation has been mandated by UNC-GA for all campuses, and each campus will be required to make at least 80% of all PC purchases from the standard configurations available through the CPI.

Apple Combined Pricing Initiative

Quarterly, Apple offers a special, bulk discount opportunity that is coordinated through UNC General Administration (GA).  If ITS chooses to participate during a quarter, we will make an announcement.

  • The orders will then be collected and submitted to GA.
  • In order to coordinate delivery, please indicate on your campus PO to Apple when you will not be able to received orders from Apple.

             Example language for your PO: "No orders to be received on December 20, 2011 thru January 2, 2012."

This offer is valid for most Apple items excluding service parts, iPhones, specialized training and volume agreement software. iPads must be a part of a larger order to receive a discount. This means that your order will need to contain additional items other than just iPads.

The new discount we will get from Apple will be in addition to the standard education discount (4-9%) you see on their education store Web page. The amount of the final discount will depend on the total number of orders received across the UNC system.  For example, in the September 2011 bulk order, we received an additional 8.98% discount over standard educational pricing.

The preferred vendors list

  • Dell
  • Apple
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