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What types of Banner access are available?

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What types of Banner access are available?

The Banner system serves as the central administrative system for housing data at North Carolina Central University.

What types of Banner access are available?

There are two types of Banner access, Banner Self Service and Internet Native Banner

The type of access needed varies depending on a user's responsibilities.

Internet Native Banner (INB) is used by administrative offices in the student and financial areas to view and maintain data and process transactions.  It is also used to manage student and financial information.  Specialized training and a formal security application are required for INB access.  Please ensure that you have completed the Banner Finance Security Request Form prior to accessing the system.    

Self Service Banner (SSB) is used by students, faculty and staff to manage their NCCU information.  SSB is accessible through the Eagles Online portal commonly known as myEOL.  Students and instructional faculty have access to Self-Service Banner by default.  No access request is required in order to access the registration, advising, and student records system. Student and faculty members log into Banner SSB with their Banner ID (820 number) and their six digit pin. After the user has logged into Self-Service Banner for the first time the user will be prompted to change their Banner pin and set a security question and answer.  Faculty members and students that are not aware of their Banner ID number should contact the Register’s office.  When users are uncertain of their Banner PIN or have been locked out due to too many unsuccessful attempts, user should contact ETAC at (919) 530-7676 or by emailing helpdesk@nccu.edu.

*Note:  When attempting to register, students may be asked to input their alternate pin.  This pin can only be received from the students’ academic advisor and purpose is to ensure the each student receives adequate academic guidance.

There are also several ancillary programs that work the Banner system.  Some of the programs that we use with our Banner system are Banner Document Management Suite and WebFocus.

Banner Document Management Suite (BDMS) previously known as Xtender, launches documents and content directly from Banner.  BDMS is specifically designed for higher education and provides imaging, document management, data capture, storage management, and output capture and report management for individual departments and for the entire institution.

With the Banner Document Management Suite, you can:

·         Easily capture and organize any kind of electronic documents

·         Link documents to information in the Banner Unified Digital Campus

·         View documents directly from Banner or outside of Banner

·         Create custom document collections without customization services or programming

·         Capture data from paper and faxes with sophisticated record matching

·         Distribute documents in client/server and web-based environments

·         Automatically capture and index any letters, billing statements, reports, or other output

·         Use virtualized storage and automatic archival and back-up of managed content

·         Scale to meet long-term, institution-wide document management needs

For assistance with BDMS, please contact Siobahn Day by sending an email to sday@NCCU.edu, submit a work order at http://helpdesk.nccu.edu or call (919) 530-7676 and Select Option “1”.

WebFocus is a software tool used to retrieve data and reports from Banner. WebFocus allows users to develop on-demand reports that users can run from their desktop. Desktop reports can be distributed to end users through the Dashboard, which is a web link established through the coordination of report writers for each specific module. For more information on WebFocus contact the Eagle Technical Assistance Center (ETAC) at 530-7676 and Select Option “1.”

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