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Welcome to North Carolina Central University. Parking on campus is by permit only. All faculty, staff and students who park on campus are required to register their vehicles with the University Police Department, pay a registration fee and display a valid permit on their vehicle. Faculty, staff, student, and visitor hangtags must be placed on the rearview mirror facing outward at all times the vehicle is parked on university property. All questions should be directed to NCCU Police Department Traffic Office, 2010 Fayetteville St., Durham, NC 27707, 919-530-5023.

Visitor Parking

Visitors are individuals not enrolled or employed by the university. They must display a parking
permit while using campus parking spaces. The permit is based on the visitor’s length of stay on campus. The permit temporarily registers the vehicle and allows parking in various areas of the campus. Visitors are expected to comply with university parking and traffic rules and are held responsible for citations issued for incorrect or improper parking.

Shuttle Service

NCCU faculty, staff, students and visitors are encouraged to take advantage of the free Maroon and Gray shuttle service offered through NCCU Student Services. The campus shuttle buses (Maroon or Gray line) will depart every 15 minutes from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday, from the Latham Parking Deck, to transport passengers to major points on campus. Schedules are available in the NCCU Police Department.

Purchasing Parking Permits

The NCCU Parking Office uses the T2 eBusiness automated system to manage parking accounts. The T2 automated system enables faculty, staff and students to view their citations on our website. This website permits online access and payment of citations, purchase of permits (which will be mailed to your residence) and the ability to monitor appeals.

Student Parking

Student parking spaces are limited and are assigned on a first-come first-served basis. All students who wish to park on campus must register their vehicles with University Police and purchase a parking permit. Students that have financial aid available will be able to use this method of payment to purchase a permit.

Students may park in the assigned designated lots only with the proper decal. Without a decal students are strongly encouraged to park in the Latham Parking Deck short term parking.

  • Ruffin Residence Hall (Residential Lot)
  • Criminal Justice (Commuter Lot)
  • George Street Apartments (Residential Lot)
  • Latham Deck (outside spaces) (Commuter Lot)   
  • Lincoln Street (Commuter Lot)
  • Martha Street Apartments (Residential Lot)
  • Mary Townes Science Building (Lower level & section of Upper lot) (Commuter Lot)
  • Nelson Street (Commuter Lot)
  • O’Kelly – Riddick (Commuter Lot)
  • School of Education (Front) (Commuter Lot)

Freshman Parking

All freshmen who purchase a parking permit must park in the Latham Parking Deck. This policy is being instituted to address NCCU student growth, create easier access to campus and address concerns from neighborhood residents contiguous to campus about overflow parking near their homes.

Reserved Parking

Reserved-space parking is enforced at all times, including university holidays. A reserved-space permit holder is entitled to exclusive use of a designated space. Reserved permit patrons can share their parking space with the exception of zoned parking lots. The primary permit holder must pay the $575 fee and the secondary user must pay a $288 permit fee. Both parties must submit their paperwork together and the primary permit holder must make the request. Reserved permit holders may not allow others to park in their space or a space not registered to the individual except under the shared space program. Reserve spaces are restricted between the hours of 6 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Latham Parking Deck

The Latham Parking Deck automatic gate arms operate on a swipe-card system. To enter the deck, pull up to the gate and swipe your University ID card. Along with the ID card you must have a valid parking deck permit. The parking deck provides separate public and cardholder access, 24-hour security surveillance, extra lighting, guaranteed parking, no waiting and an attendant during business hours.

Replacement Permits

When a replacement permit is needed, you must contact the University Police Department Traffic Manager and complete an official report indicating the status of your permit. There is a replacement fee of $20 for all lost, stolen or damaged permits. The current permit will then be canceled.

Possession of a lost, stolen, altered or illegally purchased permit will result in the loss of parking privileges. This violation will also result in a fine and the violation will be referred to the Dean of Students Office for disciplinary attention. Criminal charges may also be brought against the violator if warranted. Any person found filing a false police report will be fined and may be subject to criminal prosecution.

Counterfeiting, Theft, Deceit and Unauthorized Transfer

It is unlawful for any person to produce any facsimile or reproduction of a permit, sticker, decal or other device indicating eligibility to park on campus. It is unlawful to steal or obtain a permit by fraud, deceit or trickery, willful misrepresentation of facts, purchase or gift from another. It is unlawful for any person in lawful possession of a parking permit to alter, give, sell, transfer or attempt to transfer a permit to another person or to place on a vehicle other than that for which it is registered. Violation of the provision is a misdemeanor.


The parking permit for vehicles will be paid at the beginning of the period for which the permit is issued or when any person first becomes associated with the university and wishes a permit. The fees are annual costs unless otherwise indicated:

Reserved $575
Zoned Reserved $575
Parking Deck $475
Faculty/Staff $475
McDougald–McLendon Gym, 24 hour Reserved Lot $675
Temporary Employees $50 per month, $240 per semester
Students $300
Evening Permit, per semester (rate after 4 p.m.) $80
Replacement Decal $20
Motorcycle $300 ($25 if it is the second vehicle permitted)
Vendor $300
LeRoy T. Walker Physical Education and Recreation Complex Wellness Center (rate after 4 p.m.) $40

No parking permit refunds will be granted. All purchases are final. Trade-in of a permit will be granted only if you have transferred from one residence hall location to another, and if space is available. You will need to show proof of the transfer from Residential Life on official letterhead with a signature.

Handicap Parking

For any vehicle that is parked in a handicap space on NCCU campus, the handicap placard must be issued to the driver of the vehicle — with exception for instances in which the driver is providing an escort for the placard holder. If a driver is found in violation of G.S. (20-37.6(e) (2)) he/she will be issued a state citation. Two separate permits are needed by faculty, staff or students using a handicap parking space: a license plate or hangtag issued by a state Division of Motor Vehicles that displays the International Symbol of Access, and a parking permit issued by the NCCU Police Department.

Towing Rules

A vehicle will be towed at owner’s expense:

  • When parked on campus without a permit.
  • When parked in a reserved parking space without a permit that matches that space.
  • When illegally parked in an emergency space or when blocking an emergency road.
  • When the vehicle has received three or more parking violations and has been immobilized (booted) for the duration of 48 hours.
  • When a vehicle has been parked illegally for more than 10 days, or is determined to be “derelict” under N.C. General Statute 20-137.7. The Chief of Police is authorized to dispose of such vehicles as prescribed by N.C. General Statute 20-137.6 to 20-137.14.

Vehicles may be immobilized for any of the following reasons:

  • Checks returned to NCCU for any traffic related payments.
  • Display of a lost, stolen or revoked permit.    
  • Non payment of accrued fines, to include three or more unpaid citations.
  • Unsatisfactory payment for a permit. Removal of the boot requires a payment of $25 in addition to payment of all accrued fines and late fees.

Wheel boots may be removed only by a member of the NCCU Police Department, upon payment of the boot removal fee and all outstanding fines. The owner or custodian of a vehicle impounded under any regulation of this ordinance may petition the immobilization. Submitting a petition is not a substitute for payment of the boot removal fee. Vehicles immobilized for longer than 48 hours will be towed or relocated to a designated storage facility. All payments must be made at the Bursar’s Office in Room 12, Hoey Administration Building, during business hours Monday through Friday. 

Conference, Seminar and Workshop Parking

Parking for guests attending a program, conference or special event is available in the Latham Parking Deck at the rate of $5 a space. Guests should enter the parking deck on the Lawson Street side. Arrangements must be made through the Traffic Office before the conference, program or special event.

If a university department chooses to pay, the department must submit a written request by email (http://www.nccu.edu/formsdocs/proxy.cfm?file_id=2280), and an invoice must be signed. Requests must be submitted 10 working days prior to the scheduled event or it will not be processed. Once the fee has been paid, we will issue the permits to the department.


All vendors/contractors working on campus must register their vehicles with University Police and purchase a parking permit ($300 per year). All departments requesting vendor permits should pre-order them. No permits will be issued if a two-week pre-order is not received by the University Police Department.

Traffic Appeals

Faculty, staff, students and visitors have the right to appeal a campus parking citation issued for violation of the university’s parking and traffic regulations. Appeals must be submitted within five days of the violation. Appeal forms are available on NCCU’s website (enter appeal form in the search field). Complete, print and bring the form to the Traffic Office (or mail to the University Police Department, 2010 Fayetteville St., Durham, NC 27707) along with the ticket and a self-addressed stamped envelope.

The Citation Appeal Board is made up of faculty, staff and students. Once the appeal has been heard and a decision made, notice is sent to the appellant informing him or her of the decision by mail. If you fail to comply with the appeal guidelines, your appeal will not be honored.

Moving Violations

University Police may issue either a university citation or a uniform state citation for moving violations occurring on campus.  Moving violations include (1) failure to stop for a stop sign, (2) one-way street violations, (3) exceeding safe speed, (4) careless and reckless driving, (5) illegal left turn, and (6) unsafe movement. The University Police will also issue state citations for seat belt violations.

Repeated Offenses

If the conduct of any student or employee establishes a continuing pattern of violations or disregard of parking regulations, the chancellor may temporarily suspend him or her from enrollment or employment, pending a hearing.

Football Parking

All Eagle Club and reserve parking for football game days will be handled through the Athletic Department. During O’Kelly-Riddick Stadium events, traffic may be restricted. For Saturday home football games, Nelson Street at Lincoln Street, Eagle Campus Drive and George Street will be closed to through traffic starting at 7 p.m. on Friday. To better accommodate patrons and permit holders, certain lots will be reserved or have spaces reserved for employees who report for work on game days or evenings. Even with a valid permit, commuters and other employees may not park in these lots, reserved spaces or in public lots without paying the event fee.

Certain lots are reserved for Eagle Club parking. Employees and students are required to move their vehicles from the Walker Complex, the O’Kelly lot, the Criminal Justice lot, Law School, Eagle Campus Drive, Latham Parking Deck and the Communication lot by 7 p.m. on the Fridays before home-game Saturdays. Employees and students with permits for these lots will have to pay to park on game days. Students residing on campus must move their vehicles by 7 p.m. on Friday to the lower lot of the Science Complex.

Those scheduling other events on game days must make arrangements for parking with the Athletics Department at 919-530-7057.

Payroll Deduction

Payroll deductions for faculty and staff will begin at the start of the fiscal year and will be ongoing unless the patron notifies Parking Services in writing to discontinue (http://www.nccu.edu/formsdocs/proxy.cfm?file_id=2281)  the monthly deductions.  Employees enrolling in payroll deduction after the start of the year will have their monthly deductions calculated by dividing the number of months remaining in the fiscal year by the amount of the permit.


  • If you are parked in a reserved or handicap space without the proper permits, your vehicle is subject to ticketing and towing.   
  • You are not allowed to park in other designated areas after 5 p.m. Parking regulations remain in force at all hours.
  • If you need to unload your vehicle during any time moving in and out of the residence halls, even for a few minutes, contact University Police at 919-530-6106 for permission.
  • All vehicles parked on campus in any space without a parking permit will be towed at owner’s expense.
  • Parking rules and regulations are enforced all year at all times. Reserve spaces are restricted between the hours of 6 a.m. – 6 p.m.
  • You will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for reproduction alteration, unauthorized possession, or resale of an NCCU parking permit.

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