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Hazardous Materials

Chemical, Radioactive, Biological

All hazardous-materials spills on campus must be reported to Dr. John Lambeth, director of Health and Safety (919-530-7943 or 919-667-6803). Be prepared to provide (and spell) the names of the materials involved and to describe the location, size, and nature of the incident.

A hazardous-material emergency exists when:

  • Cleanup of a spill of a hazardous material is beyond the level of knowledge, training or ability of the staff in the immediate spill area, and/or
  • The spill creates a situation that is immediately dangerous to the lives and health of persons in the area or facility.

In a hazardous-material emergency:

  • Avoid contamination or chemical exposure to yourself.
  • Alert people in the immediate area, and evacuate the room. If an explosion hazard is present, take care not to create sparks by turning electrical equipment on or off.
  • Confine the hazard by closing doors as you leave the room.
  • Use eyewash or safety showers as needed to wash off spilled chemicals. Flush the affected area with copious amounts of water for at least 15 minutes. Call 919-530-6106 to report any personal contamination. Seek medical attention as required.
  • Evacuate nearby rooms that may be affected. If the hazard will affect the entire building, evacuate the entire building.
  • Outside, identify yourself to emergency responders and report the location, nature and size of the incident. Provide any additional information you believe would be helpful. Personnel most knowledgeable about the spilled material and the location of the spill should be available to provide information to emergency responders.
  • Isolate contaminated persons and do not allow them to leave or to spread the contamination.
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