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Chadwick W Royal

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Professor, Counselor Education Program
(919) 530-6465
(919) 530-7522
2127 H. M. Michaux, Jr. School of Education Building


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Chadwick Royal, PhD, LPCS, CCCE is a Professor in the Counselor Education Program at North Carolina Central University. He is currently an Associate Editor of Career Convergence, a publication of the National Career Development Association, and he is a past chair of the Association for Counselor Education and Supervision (ACES) Technology Interest Network. He has served on the American Counseling Association's Cyberspace and Technology Task Force. He is a certified career counselor educator through the National Career Development Association.

Dr. Royal is a co-author of two textbooks, Counselor as Consultant, published by SAGE in 2015 and Career Counseling: An Anthology of Relevant Career Counseling Research, published by Cognella in 2018.

He is a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor in North Carolina, and he has over 20 years of experience as a professional counselor. In addition to his work on campus, he maintains a small private counseling and supervision practice in Mebane, NC.

His research interests center around the use of technology in counseling, counselor training, and counselor supervision. He is currently engaged in a research study on "digital wellness" - collecting data related to our use of technology in work, leisure, and relationships with others. He is investigating the relationship between the use of technology and our physical health, stress levels, sense of worth, sense of control, emotional coping, and relationships.

Research Interests

The use of technology in counseling, counselor training, and counselor supervision.

"Digital wellness": A way of using technology that promotes optimal health and well-being in which body, mind, and spirit are integrated by the individual to live more fully within the human, natural, and digital community. Ideally, it is the optimum state of health and well-being that each individual using technology is capable of achieving.


PhD North Carolina State University 1999
MS University of North Carolina, Greensboro 1996
BA North Carolina State University 1993


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Selected Publications

1. Scott, D. , & Royal, C. (2018). TEXTBOOK. Career Counseling: An Anthology of Relevant Career Counseling Research.
2. Royal, C. W. (2017, March/April). Defining Career Consultation. Career Convergence.
3. Royal, C. W., & Wasik, S. Z., & Horne, R. , & Dames, L. S. (2016). Digital Wellness: Integrating Wellness in Everyday Life with Digital Content and Learning Technologies (Chapter 6). Handbook of Research on Transformative Digital Digital Content and Learning Technologies, 103-117.
4. Dames, L. S., & Royal, C. W., & Sawyer-Kurian, K. M. (2016). Active Student Engagement through the Use of WebEX, MindTap, and a Residency Component to Teach a Masters Online Group Counseling Course (Chapter 14). Handbook of Research on Transformative Digital Digital Content and Learning Technologies, 245-267.
5. Royal, C. W. (2016, August/September). Announcing a New Associate Editor. Career Convergence.
6. Paylor, S. , & Royal, C. (2015). Assessing the Effectiveness of EMDR in the Treatment of Sexual Trauma. The Practitioner Scholar: Journal of Counseling and Professional Psychology, 4, 111-116.
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12. Moody, E. E., & Royal, C. W., & Newsome, G. (2008). How a sample of Cubans and Floridians coped with the 2004 hurricane season. The Journal of Trauma Counseling International, 2.
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14. Royal, C. W., & Baker, S. B. (2005). Effects of a deliberate moral education program on parents of elementary school students. Journal of Moral Education, 34, 215-230.
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