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Allan Cooper

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My curricular responsibilities fall mostly under the Global Politics focus of our course listings. My expertise is in the area of international law with an emphasis on human rights, questions of genocide and terrorism, and the changing nature of international organizations in the global arena. I also teach classes on the presidency and the executive branch of government, and have developed classes on the study of patriarchy and gender politics.


I grew up in the white suburbs of Oklahoma City at a time when the nation was struggling with the Vietnam War, the Civil Rights Movement, and the Black Power Movement. As an undergraduate at the University of Oklahoma I pursued an academic interest in comparative racism and in African independence movements. While obtaining my masters degree from the University of Wisconsin, I became active in the anti-apartheid movement and authored the first divestment bill in the United States that penalized U.S. companies investing in the apartheid system in South Africa. This legislation became the model for hundreds of other divestment efforts, including the federal law passed in 1986. I then decided to obtain my Ph.D. from Atlanta University with a primary concentration in African Politics. My early research on southern Africa required being transported around South Africa and Namibia by representatives of the liberation movements in violation of policies enforced by the white minority regime that separated blacks and whites.

During my career I have chaired the political science departments at St. Augustine's College (Raleigh, NC), Otterbein University (Columbus, OH)., and here at NCCU. I have published six books related to international law; four exploring questions related to southern African politics one analyzing why and where genocide occurs and the most recent one an historical analysis of patriarchy and gender politics. I am currently developing an edited manuscript with my colleague, Dr. Emmanuel Oritsejafor, that looks at why Africa struggles in the global economy while, simultaneously, providing the resources that make billionaires out of capitalist entrepreneurs throughout the world.

Research Interests

My research centers on the transformation of political identities that cause people to risk their lives to develop or maintain. At the micro level, I have published books and articles analyzing the anti-colonial struggles of peoples in Namibia and South Africa. At the macro level, I have published manuscripts on why people target religious groups, nationalities, races or ethnic groups for genocide. I also have published works on the circumstances under which people receive reparations for the consequences of genocide. I recently published a book manuscript that analyzes how "epochs" have mutated over the past several thousand years to accommodate new systems of knowledge that embrace not only patriarchy, but philosophical understandings of time and space, nature, health, and beauty. This work shows how patriarchy is essential to organizing military campaigns that extend state power. Currently, I am co-editing a book that explains how Africa is used in the global economy to generate profits for the global elite so they can sustain middle class consumer classes that manage structures of power that oppress Africans and others in the African diaspora.

My research has taken me to many corners of the world where people struggle to achieve self-determination and participatory democracy, including Kashmir, Muslim areas of Russia, non-Han areas of China and Taiwan, South Africa, Namibia, the Imazighen of Morocco and Tunisia, Cuba, Roma areas of Hungary, aboriginal areas of Australia, and of course Texas. In 2002 I was awarded a Fulbright grant to teach international law at Kazan State University in Russia.

My books are listed below:

U.S. Economic Power and Political Influence in Namibia, 1700-1982 (Westview Press, 1982)
Allies in Apartheid: Western Capitalism in Occupied Namibia (Macmillan Publishers, 1988)
The Occupation of Namibia: Afrikanerdom's Attack on the British Empire (University Press of America, 1990)
Ovambo Politics in the Twentieth Century (University Press of America, 2002)
The Geography of Genocide (University Press of America, 2008)
Patriarchy and the Politics of Beauty (Lexington Books, 2019)
Africa and the Global System of Capital Accumulation, co-edited with Dr. Emmanuel Oritsejafor (Routledge, forthcoming)


PhD Clark Atlanta University 1981
MA University of Wisconsin, Madison 1976
BA University of Oklahoma 1974
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