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Group Counseling

NCCU Counseling Center Groups Fall 2018

Group therapy is a unique way to help people receive support, increase self-awareness, and learn new ways to cope with personal or interpersonal challenges. The Counseling Center offers a number of groups to address student concerns in a variety of areas. Groups typically involve some combination of members sharing thoughts and feelings, giving and receiving support and feedback, and trying out new behaviors in a safe environment. A brief screening is usually required for participation in a group. All groups are confidential and free for NCCU students. Please see the list below for groups being offered during the Spring 2018 semester.

Anger Management Group

The Anger Management Group offers participants opportunities to identify the primary ways that anger activates and escalates within their mind and body and then develop a personal plan that will be most effective in helping them stay cool, calm, and in control during stressful situations. The goal of this group is to help participants develop confidence by mastering skills through problem-solving of their personal situations and issues. 


CHOICES consists of a series of psycho-educational group sessions designed to motivate behavior change, link choices about alcohol and/or drug use to academic and personal success, and help students practice safer decision-making. Tuesdays, 10:40-11:25 am.

Demystifying Emotions

Develop a lifestyle of living your daily life with awareness of the here and now! Manage stressful life situations both in the short and long-term! Teach yourself to manage challenging/complicated relationships or friendships! Manage and cope with difficult emotions without causing more problems!

This group is intended for those who get caught up in their emotional distress and want to gain support from others who may experience the same. The group introduces Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) techniques incorporated with the use of music therapy (i.e., relaxation techniques with the use of the harp, such as guided imagery and progressive muscle relaxation techniques) and art therapy (i.e., exploring ideas and emotions visually with art materials). We promote a culture that is supportive while at the same time encouraging individuals to challenge their current ways of going about things. In addition to group members sharing their own coping strategies, facilitators promote and practice some new techniques that may eventually reduce the frequency of problems. 

The Art of Relaxation 2.0

Art Therapy combines the power of traditional process group with the benefits of art experiential. Watch out! Creativity can be contagious! You may develop some inward awareness and reflection, as well as find yourself sharing this with others and building meaningful relationships as a result. Students will embark on a creative journey together and explore identity with their art.  You don’t need to be talented or an artist to receive the healing benefits of this practice, so please join us! 

Wellness Wednesday Workshops

Sponsored by the Counseling Center, Campus Recreation, and University College

Would you like to deal with stress effectively, practice academic success techniques, and find the resources you need to reach your potential? Any student seeking to find balance and manage academic, emotional, or physical stress is welcome to join our weekly wellness group series.  Each week will focus on a different wellness component within three target areas: academic, emotional, and physical wellbeing. Wednesdays, 6:00-7:00 pm, Hubbard-Totton Auditorium.

Erasing the Social Fear Factor

A weekly skill building group for individuals looking for assistance with social confidence and decreasing their social anxiety. 

More Information

For additional information about group therapy, please contact Tabitha Haynes at (919) 530-7646, or go to http://www.nccu.edu/counseling/events.cfm

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