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Tuition & Fees

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Tuition Fees

All undergraduates who carry 12 or more credit hours and graduate or law students who carry nine or more hours must pay full tuition and fees. Students who carry less than a full-time load must pay tuition and fees at the following rates per semester:

In-State vs. Out-of-State

The basis for determining the appropriate tuition charge rests on whether a student is a North Carolina resident or a nonresident for tuition purposes.  Each student must make a statement as to the length of his or her residence in the state, and the university will use that to determine whether the student qualifies for the in-state rate.

The general rule is that to qualify as a resident of North Carolina for tuition purposes, a person must become a legal resident and remain one for at least 12 months.  A full explanation of the residency requirements can be found here.

Additional Fees

Application Fee

Each application for admission to the university must be accompanied by a non-refundable deposit of $50.

Health and Accident Insurance

In 2009 the UNC Board of Governor's adopted a "hard waiver" insurance requirement for students at all of UNC System schools.  This means that students must have health insurance, and must either provide evidence of credible coverage of their own or enroll in the statewide plan offered by all UNC System campuses. 

The UNC system-wide plan is administered by Pearce & Pearce Inc., an insurance agency based in Florence, S.C. 

Students who have their own personal insurance may wish to waive the student insurance plan. This is done by completing an online waiver at www.studentinsurance.com. Once the insurance information has been submitted online, Peace & Pearce will verify the information provided and approve or deny the waiver. Once the waiver is approved, the charge for the insurance will be credited to the student’s account. If the waiver is denied, Pearce & Pearce is required to explain why.

The three criteria that invoke the requirement for the student insurance plan are: enrollment in a degree-seeking program, enrollment in six or more credit hours of on-campus classes, and eligibility to pay the campus student medical fee.  Students who do not meet the criteria are eligible to enroll in a voluntary plan. Enrollment in the voluntary plan is handled directly with Pearce & Pearce. 

There is deadline for processing an online waiver, which varies from semester to semester.  The deadline date will be communicated to the campus community. 

Property Damage Fee

  • Students are financially responsible for any damage they do to any residence hall.
  • If it cannot be determined which student is responsible for the damage, the cost of the damage will be distributed equally among the group of students using the facilities at the time of the damage.
  • If this cannot be determined, the cost of the damage will be charged against the entire student body.

Miscellaneous Fees

  • Auditing a Course: Charges are the same as for taking a course for credit
  • Application for Admission: $50
  • Licensure-only student application fee for School of Education: $40
  • Housing Administrative Fee (Annual Charge): $150 prior to the deadline and $200 after the deadline
  • Graduation (Diploma) Application Charge: Undergraduate students $55; law and graduate students $55
  • Late Registration: $50
  • Transcripts: $10
  • I.D. Card Replacement: $20
  • Key Duplication: $15
  • Lock Change: $86.42 + $15 per key
  • Vehicle Registration and Parking (Annual Charge): $300 or $450 for the Parking Deck
  • Mailbox Rental (Annual Charge): $30
  • Returned Check for Insufficient Funds: $25
  • Administrative Charge for University Payment Plan: $25
  • Late Charge for University Payment Plan: $20
  • Educational and Technology Fee: $428.15
  • Student Athletic Fee: $807.00
  • Student Activities Fee - Undergraduate: $476.40
  • Graduate Student Activities Fee: $426.80
  • Law Student Activities Fee: $446.72
  • Special ADA Dietetic Internship Program: $425.50
  • Special Nursing Technology Support: $120 per course
  • Special Transit Fee: $86
  • Indebtedness Fees: $570
  • Enrollment Fee: $100
  • Health Services Fee: $242.66
  • Campus Security Fee: $30

Interest Charges On Delinquent Accounts

In accordance with State of North Carolina General Statute 147-86.23, an annual interest charge of 5%  will be applied to all delinquent accounts with a portion of the interest charge being applied monthly and interest will continue to accrue until the delinquent portion of the account is paid in full. Interest charges are based on the prevailing North Carolina Department of Revenue rate. Rates are subject to change every six months.

Late Payment Penalty On Delinquent Accounts

In accordance with State of North Carolina General Statute 147-86.23, all delinquent accounts will be assessed a one-time 10% Late Payment Penalty charge.

Faculty And Staff Tuition Waiver Deadlines:

Please submit your Faculty And Staff Tuition Waiver Form to the Student Accounting Department by 4:00 p.m. on the last official drop/add date for each semester.  The official drop/add date for each semester is published in the Academic Calendar on the NCCU Home Page.  Please be advised that the Faculty and Staff Tuition Waiver cannot be used as payment for the Accident & Sickness Insurance charge.

Please Note: Students in the Executive Masters of Public Administration Program (EMPA Program) cannot use the faculty and staff tuition waiver to pay for any courses in this program. This information is also available via PDF.

Additional Note: At this time, North Carolina Central University does not impose any additional charges specifically related to verification of student identity. Students enrolled in distance education classes in which proctored exams are required may incur charges imposed by the proctoring site they choose. Students may obtain a list of proctors located within their geographic area along with any associated fees on the UNC Online Academic website.

NCCU complies with Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in all programs and activities (including sexual harassment and sexual violence) in the University's educational programs and activities. For additional resources or to file a Title IX complaint, visit the NCCU's Title IX webpage.
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