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Student Printing

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  • The Student Printing Program is a campus-wide solution for all NCCU students. The program allows students to print documents in black and white or color from various locations across campus.

An annual print credit is below:

  • $15 – Fall Semester
  • $15 – Spring Semester
  • $15 – Summer Sessions (summer session credits are only added to students enrolled in the summer sessions)

Students can pay online to add funds to their print balance through PaperCut online.  Students can add to their account in $2.50 increments.  Total account balance at any point cannot exceed $15. 

Click here to check your print credit. 

Printing Cost

Single Sided Black & White $0.05
Double Sided Black & White    $0.08
Color       $0.25
Double Sided Color $0.45

Prices are per each 8.5 x 11 page

Print Balance

Students check their print quota balance two ways:

  1. A pop-up window shows the account balance when a student logs in to a library computer
  2. The print quota balance is available to the student through PaperCut online, along with a list of transactions and print history

Remaining print balances from fall will roll over to spring semester with any spring balance rolling over to summer. All balances are reset to initial quota amount on August 1. Any leftover summer funds are lost except for personal funds added to the account using a personal credit or debit card.  These funds will be used before the semester credits are used. 

Print Process

There are 3 means to printing:

  • Traditional Printing: From a computer in the Shepard Library
  • Web Printing: From your personal computer or laptop using the remote printer driver associated with the desired print location
  • Google Cloud Printing:
    • Apple iOS Devices, iPads, iPhones, iPods
    • Android Phones, Tablets and devices running ChromeOS
    • Windows 8 Phones, Surface Tablets and RT devices

Steps for adding printer driver to a laptop

Steps for Traditional Printing

  • Select 'Print' on any computers on campus
  • Select 'papercut-01EaglePrint (virtual)'
  • Swipe your NCCU ID Card or press the green arrow and type in your NCCU Username,
  • Click 'next'
  • Type in your NCCU password
  • Click 'next'
  • Tap the 'Print Release' icon to show your print job
  • Tap the gray arrow icon to the right of your print job or select 'Print All' to print every document listed
  • Confirm your selection by tapping 'Print'

Note: Make sure you logout when your finish printing your job.

Steps for Web Printing

Web Print is a driver-less printing service that allows users to print by uploading documents from a web browser. No client software or driver installation is required.

  • Navigate to http://papercut-01:9191
  • Select 'Web Print' from the navigation menu on the left
  • Click 'Submit a Job'
  • Select 'papercut-01EaglePrint (virtual)'
  • Click 'Print Options and Account Selection'
  • Enter the desired number of copies and click 'Upload Documents'
  • Click 'Choose' Files and navigate to your document. Note the file types that Web Print can handle.
  • Click 'Upload & Complete'. Your document will be submitted and rendered.  When complete it will be available for you to release at any of the PaperCut enabled student printers on campus.

Steps for Google Cloud Printing (printing from a mobile device)

Google cloud allows you to easily print from mobile devices that have Google Drive or Google Cloud Print installed on them.

Click here to set up Google Cloud Print through your NCCU Google account. (you must be connected to Eagles-WiFi for a successful print setup.) 

Note: A verification link will be emailed to you.  After clicking the link and authenticating, the new email will be associated with your Google account and your job will proceed.

The process for printing varies depending on your device, per the steps below.

For Google Drive on Android

  • Open the document and select the option button (the circle with an i in it)

  • Select the action overflow button (the three dots in the upper right corner), select print, and select the 'Find Me Printing' printer

For Google Drive on iPhone or iPad

  • Do not open the document.  Select the option button (the circle with the I in it)to the right of the document in the document list.
  • Select ‘Print’, select ‘Google Cloud Print’, and select the 'Find Me Printing' printer.

To release your job

  • Wait 30-60 seconds for Google to process the print job
  • Authenticate to the device (either swipe your NCCU ID or type in your NCCU username and password on the printer keypad)
  • Click 'Next'
  • Tap the 'Print Release' icon to show your print job
  • Tap the gray arrow icon to the right of your print job or select 'Print All' to print every document listed
  • Confirm your selection by tapping 'Print'

Printer Locations

  • Shepard Library(1st and 2nd floor)
  • Farrison-Newton, 1st floor lobby
  • School of Business, Room G-32
  • Criminal Justice, 1st floor Breakroom
  • School of Education, 1st floor Student Breakroom
  • Mary Townes, 1st floor across from Jazzman’s Café
  • School of Nursing, 1st floor
  • Fine Arts, 3rd floor
  • School of Business, Room 130
  • Annie Day Residence Hall, Room 141
  • Chidley North Residence Hall, 2nd Floor Lab
  • Eagle Landing Residence Hall, 3rd Floor Lab
  • Eagle Landing Residence Hall, 5th Floor Lab
  • Eagleson Residence Hall, 1st Floor Lab
  • Mclean Residence Hall, Room 114
  • New Residence II Residence Hall, 1st Floor Lab
  • Richmond Residence Hall, 1st Floor Lab
  • Ruffin Residence Hall, Room 136
  • Rush Residence Hall, Basement Lab

Refund Process

There are two types of refunds with very specific parameters, allowed to NCCU students. They are:

  1. Print credits
  2. Added credit refunds

Note: There will be NO refunds on the $15 per semester credit received by all NCCU students. All refund requests will be reviewed by the administrator. Once the request is sent, a printing administrator is notified. They will review the given information and approve or deny the request as needed within two business days.

Refund of Print Credits

Students can request a print credit within the PaperCut application. Click the link "Recent Print Jobs" in the left-side navigation bar. You will see a list of your recent print jobs. In the Status column, click the link "request refund" for the job that you want credits refunded. Make sure you give the reason for the request.

Note that the refund will go into your printing allocation and not be refunded in cash.

Below are examples for when to request a refund:

  • Paper jam
  • Print quality issues
  • Printer malfunction

Below are examples for when a refund will NOT be issued:

  • User error (I printed the same job twice)
  • Jobs processed by someone else on your account if you leave a machine logged in
  • Printed the same document multiple times
  • Printed the wrong document
  • Printed a slide per page when you intended to print multiple slides to a page
  • Printed to color when you intended to print black and white
  • Printed with sizing or zooming errors
  • Requests submitted with no reason
  • Requests entered more than 24 hours past the print job submission

Added Credit Refunds

Added credits are additional pages that have been purchased by the student and not provided in the semester refresh provided by NCCU.

Added credits are available in the account until they are used or the student leaves NCCU. Students that meet either of the preceding criteria may request an added credit refund. Added credit refunds must:

  • Be requested four days before the end of the semester
  • Be requested before the August 1 reset

Students must be able to show proof of graduation or separation from the university upon request to the printing administrator. To request the refund contact ETAC by calling 530-7676 or submitting a ticket to https://helpdesk.nccu.edu

Note: There will be no cash refunds, all refunds will be added to the card that the purchase was initiated on.

Printing FAQs

Information updated for Academic Year 2018/2019

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