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Below you will find important information regarding parking on NCCU's campus.

  • All areas not specifically designated for parking shall be considered "no parking" zones.
  • Faculty, staff, temporary employees and students are not visitors and are in violation of parking regulations when parked in visitor spaces.
  • Space availability: Purchasing a permit allows you to park on campus, but does not guarantee a parking space in a specific area. Lack of convenient space is not a valid excuse for violations.
  • Unauthorized vehicles may be towed from handicapped spaces or accesses, fire zones, and parking lots designated as reserved.
  • Disabled vehicles must be reported to the University Police Department. Notes left on vehicles will not be accepted.
  • Activating flashers on an illegally parked vehicle does not exempt the vehicle from receiving a parking citation. Call 919-530-6106 for permission to load/unload your vehicle; this will allow a loading period of 30 minutes.
  • The campus-wide speed limit is 15 mph.
  • Numbered spaces in student lots do not designate reserved spaces. Numbered spaces are only for faculty/staff reserve lots.